Reports That IRS Won’t Tax Staking Rewards Create Legal Confusion in US; UK Taxman Updates Its Own Guidance

Reports That IRS Won’t Tax Staking Rewards Create Legal Confusion in US; UK Taxman Updates Its Own Guidance

Legal confusion has broken out in the United States after media outlets reported on a legal case whereby the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the United States tax body, is allegedly set to refund a couple’s tezos (XTZ) crypto staking tax bill. But one prominent lawyer says the reporting around the case – which some claim could be a new landmark – amounts to “clickbait”, while others warn that this may be a settlement to avoid setting precedent.

if you owe money to the irs this new bill is important to be aware of

if you owe money to the irs this new bill is important to be aware of

Russia Plans Up To USD 13 3B In Crypto Taxes

Amid ongoing talks on new crypto regulation, the Russian government reportedly estimates that, if the country introduces regulations for the crypto market and imposes a tax on transactions that involve cryptoassets, it could generate as much as RUB 1tn (USD 13.3bn) in revenue for the state budget. Figures obtained by local news site suggest that such a high estimate could provide a major incentive to Moscow to regulate and tax cryptoassets instead of outright banning them. An internal analysis prepared for Russian decision-makers and obtained by the news site provides different options for assessing the value of the crypto market. Basing their estimates on data sources from, its authors put the value of the global crypto market in 2021 at some USD 1.87tn, and Russia’s share in the market at a minimum of 12% which translates to USD 224.4bn. That said, other analysts employed by the Russian government came up with different fiscal estimates, claiming that the Kremlin could generate between RUB 90bn (USD 1.2bn) and RUB 180bn (USD 2.4bn) per year from taxing crypto exchanges, and a further RUB 606bn (USD 8bn) from taxing Russian taxpayers’ income from crypto investments. This could inject a total of USD 10.4bn in revenue from levies on the crypto sector into Russia’s budget. Earlier this month, it was disclosed that Moscow has set itself a new deadline on crypto regulation, claiming that it will broker a consensus on the matter within a month.“Everything is happening actively in the government. I think that some kind of decision will be taken quickly. My expectation is that [the decision] will be made within the space of a month,” said Deputy Finance Minister, Alexey Moiseev, adding that the “main point” of common ground was that “both we and the Central Bank are against [crypto] settlements.”Learn more:- Crypto Tax Trends in 2022: Increased Reporting, Updated Rules, and a Wealth Tax Debate- 2022 Crypto Regulation Trends: Focus on DeFi, Stablecoins, NFTs, and More- Putin ‘Supports’ Plan to Legalize and Regulate Bitcoin & Crypto Mining – Report- Crypto Anonymity Must End, States Top Russian Policymaker- New Taxes Await for Kazakhstan’s Beleaguered Bitcoin and Crypto Miners- Some Crypto Transactions Could Be Hit with 20% Tax in Venezuela as New Law Passes- ‘Beautiful Bitcoin Heaven’ Portugal’s 0% Crypto Tax Lures In Bitcoin Family- Reports That IRS Won’t Tax Staking Rewards Create Legal Confusion in US; UK Taxman Updates Its Own Guidance

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IRS To Launch Free E-File Tax Preparation Online For 2024 With 80B – Tax Prep A Thing Of The Past?

IRS To Launch Free Tax Preparation Software Online 2024. If we look at how other taxpayers in other countries prepare their individual income tax returns, we would note that their government has been offering free tax preparation for their taxpayers as far back as I have been in practice.

Since we have the tools, why not provide this service, especially now that they have the 80B in funding, it was a significant step in the right direction.

We believe that the IRS will soon start using AI to help reduce the amount of tax preparation services needed.

We see this as a first step in simplifying the code and feel that, of course, this will negatively impact our tax preparation industry for the worse, and it will surely cost many a job.

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IRS to crack down on tax reporting from Venmo, PayPal and Cash App

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