US IRS Comes After Clients of Another Crypto Exchange

US IRS Comes After Clients of Another Crypto Exchange

In a tax-related effort, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is asking permission to look into the customers of cryptocurrency prime dealer SFOX Inc. and its partner, Bloomberg reported.

IRS: Coinbase Users Who Evade Taxes

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Kraken has been forced to hand over user information to the IRS. This is following past events where Coinbase, Circle, and Poloniex were forced to hand over customer information as well. The IRS also recently launched ‘Operation Hidden Treasure’ in order track those who have evaded crypto taxes.

Kraken Ordered To Give User Data – 0:00
Coinbase IRS Summons – 0:41
Consistency Is Key – 1:40
Crypto Roth IRA – 2:55
Amended Tax Returns – 4:06
Evade Tax? – 4:45
Operation Hidden Treasure – 5:15
Tax Deadline – 6:07
3 Calculation Methods – 6:34
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00:00 Crypto Portfolio Strategy
01:48 Disclaimer
02:21 �� Key Definitions
03:38 ⭐ FBAR
07:12 �� IRS Form 8938
08:23 �� FBAR vs 8938
09:20 �� FBAR form
10:00 �� KuCoin Thoughts


FinCEN Jan 2021 Update:
IRS Compare FBAR vs Form 8938:

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